Mara Marini

“Andrew taught me so much about being in the moment and challenged the heck out of me – which I so appreciated.”

Credits: Hey You It’s Me, Chips, Rock & Roll: The Movie, Parks & Recreation

Eric Close

“Andrew Benne has a tireless passion for finding the truth in acting.  His commitment and dedication to the process has been invaluable to me.”

Credits: Nashville, Suits, American Sniper, Chaos, Without A Trace

Iqbal Theba

“The most important thing I leaned from Andrew Benne was that I should trust myself, that I am enough.”

Credits: Glee (Principal Figgins), The Brink, Voltron, Community

Kira Reed Lorsch

“I never considered myself a real actor.  That is, not until I became one in Andrew Benne’s class. I believe Andrew has helped me prepare for any creative project.”

Credits:  American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story, The Bay, Murder Book

Here are a few reviews of familiar faces that are drawn from over 200 actor reviews.

“My company has hired several actors through the years that have trained with Andrew Benne. Either in comedy, drama, or in the recording studio, Andrew’s actors are creative, spontaneous, intelligent, and really go the distance.”


David Kitchens

Director, producer and owner of Juniper post 2017 Golden Reel Winner

Norma Maldonado

“Andrew Benne has an incredible eye for the truth and demands nothing less from his actors.”


Credits: Jane the Virgin, The Fosters, Doubt, The Librarians, Breaking Bad, Inbetween


Aaron Perilo

“There are many layers that an actor has and Andrew is a pro at helping you peel them away exposing the raw talent that is within.”


Credits: The Summoning, Susanna, True Blood, Grey’s Anatomy


Sarah Wright

“I learned in Andrew’s class to be specific, connected, and trust my instincts.  Thanks Andrew…!”


Credits: 21 & Over, Walk of Shame, House Bunny, Parks & Recreation, Marry Me


“I  studied with Andrew Benne for more than a decade and I am not only a better actor because of his coaching and training techniques, but my writing and directing skills have also benefitted from years of study with Andrew Benne. He is the one who said that I should write and direct and so I did. His teaching gift is one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets.”


Alex D'Lerma

Independent Filmmaker/Actor/Teacher

April Matson

“To study with a teacher with an integrity that matches Andrew’s talent is one of the most encouraging, humbling and exciting experiences an artist can have.”


Credits: The Gratitude Clan, Chasing Apatow, Kyle XY, Quintuplets, NCIS


Vince Lozano

“I love Mr. Benne’s honesty and passion as he works to develop that unique individual inside of us.”

Actor, Producer, Director

Credits: Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of the Black Pearl,Halfway to Hell, Dads


Brett Wagner

“I learned so much about myself and gained confidence in my ability as an actor I never had before.  I can walk into an audition now with what I learned in class and own that room.”


Credits: NCIS Los Angeles, Happy Hunting, San Fernando, Dances with Werewolves


“I’ve hired several actors who studied with Andrew Benne, and love the professionalism that Andrew’s students bring to the set.”


Richard Friedman