The Reality of Doing

Hybrid Meisner© conditions actors like athletes in what we call “doing the doings”. We firmly believe that acting is the reality of doing. You cannot watch a scene on film or television without the characters literally doing realistic activities while the action of the story moves forward. Moments in life and art are determined by what people are actually doing. Everyone remembers what they were doing when some major life event happens. The first question is what are the characters literally doing in the scene? So if acting is action; what are the characters literally doing? We get you literally living and doing in your first month of studying with us. We employ difficult activities that take great concentration to complete.

We have you make realistic entrances and exits with much attention spent on every detail. We deploy physical destination meaning: where are you coming from and where are you going? We have you live life and do in your own environment- looking for lost objects, while talking to multiple people on the telephone. All this training is to take attention off yourself, develop concentration, public solitude, and to get you out of your own way. Our process is very specific every scene you do as yourself in imaginary circumstances can also be done as role preparation for a character later in your training process. All Reality of Doing assignments have duality. Yes – there is a method to our madness.

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