Scene Study – Character development and role preparation

Scene Study – Character development and role preparation. Heightened listening and truthful responding Cold Reading. All scenes are assigned by the teacher. The scenes are either from plays or film and television scripts. The material and role is always something for the actor to sink their teeth into. We believe in stretching our actors and also making sure the actor is nailing the types of roles they would book. When actors are truly improvising within a scene, it appears professionally directed. The goal of scene work is to have improvisational freedom within the scene. The actor applies everything learned in technique and improv work. After performing the scene the actor is given very detailed notes by the teacher.

Scene study also covers the basics: objectives, actions, beats, script analysis, given circumstances, character development, emotional preparation, language, and consistent through line. The goal is as good as the actor gets in improv work they should also be in a written scene.

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