Realistic relationships are a huge emphasis of the Hybrid Meisner© training. How have you watched a movie, television show or a play and you didn’t believe the actors in the scene were engaged in truthful relationships? The characters are supposed to be married but they didn’t really live or behave naturally with each other. That is because the actors are usually working from an idea or concept of what they think the relationship is supposed to be. We believe that any idea in acting is a bad idea. An actor cannot act from an idea because an idea is not emotionally based.

Relationships are based in how you feel about someone. There are no two relationships that are the same. A relationship is shared experience, but that does not mean both people share the same feelings about the relationship. In our classes you get real used to engaging with other actors, both as yourself and in imaginary circumstances. You start to understand that each person makes you feel completely different about yourself. We also believe that actors need to have authentic relationships with each other, as well as relationship with themselves.

Much of acting is about the character’s feelings about themselves in the given circumstances. On numerous occasions directors and casting have complimented that our actors know how to have realistic relationships with complete strangers. That is because the actor has done the work to give themselves the permission to have these relationships with strangers, for this we are very proud.

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